Friday, October 22, 2010

No More Soccer

I no longer work in soccer business as I have probably said. I decided to use my Internet Marketing skills to get a full time job. First I worked in the financial industry now I work in the cooking industry promoting online cookware, bake ware, and cutlery.

It is a very fun industry and there is a whole branch of opportunities there for this industry as cooking is becoming very popular and more people enjoy it more than ever.

If you are having hard time cooking, you can follow an recipe and make something really good. There are a ton of recipes available online on many websites including the one I linked so make sure you check it out.

Happy Cooking.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soccer Stores Getting Expensive

I went into a soccer store and it is crazy how expensive everything has become. Almost as if I have to take a payday loan to buy a jersey or pair of shoes.

Talking about payday advance loans, it seems that they are here to stay. It is so hard when looking for one of these short term cash loans online specially you dont know which one is an affiliate and which one is a direct payday lender.

Last time I took one of these loans, I was very worried since I didn't know about payday loans. Thankfully I found a good payday loan blog to learn and educate myself all about payday loans.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Payday Loan Blog

As payday loans are getting more popular, I recommand you educated yourself about payday loans, cash advance loans, and direct payday lenders by reading the Payday loan blog. I have found this blog very informative and educational. Basically don't take a payday loan unless you have read this blog and educated yourself about the payday loan industry.

Monday, March 1, 2010

direct payday lenders is where it at

with economy not improving fast enough, more and more people need cash. And many are borrowing cash from cash advance and payday loan companies. It is fine to do that every now and then however I must advise you that you be extremly carefully and only borrow money from reliable Direct Payday Loan Lender such as

There are alot of lead generation companies out there that are not honest and share your information with other parties. Also they have higher rate. So make sure you stick to a Direct Payday Loan Lender such as

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No longer into soccer business

I am no longer into soccer business. Family sold the Soccer Nation website and is closing the store end of March.

I got a job at a direct payday loan lender in LA and will be handling their online operations.

I am blogging now about business, finance, and technology on my personal blog